Mythbusting: 4 Common Misconceptions About Senior Living in Oceanside

Myth: Busted When you think about senior living and senior living communities, you're probably bringing some preconceived notions to the table. What comes to mind is probably a highly regulated schedule, boring and flavorless hospital-style food, and heavily monitored care with little privacy. While this can be true for some locations, this is definitely not [...]

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3 Ways That Seniors in Memory Care in Carlsbad Can Benefit From Socialization

Why is socialization important? At our core, humans are social creatures. We thrive on being around other people, having communication with them, and simply having human interaction! Unfortunately, as we age, it gets more and more difficult to get out and have the interaction that we so crave. This can be for a multitude of [...]

How to Encourage Your Senior to Become Active and Involved at Carlsbad Assisted Living

Transitioning to Assisted Living Trying to integrate yourself into a new environment can be difficult at any age, but for seniors especially, it can be a hard barrier to cross. Many seniors tend to isolate themselves instead of interacting with the world around them, when it can be more important than ever before to make [...]

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Sleep and Dementia: 5 Tips for Helping Seniors Get Better Rest in Memory Care

How Dementia Affects Sleep For our senior loved ones with dementia, getting a good night's sleep is more difficult than it ever has been before. Because dementia affects your cognitive function, sleep cycles and the circadian rhythm are often disrupted as dementia affects the brain.  Of course, there are other factors in your senior that [...]

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4 Different Ways That Seniors Can Use Technology to Connect to Loved Ones

In the era of COVID-19, everyone has had to quickly adapt to using technology in ways that we never thought we would have before. For our seniors, though, this uptick in necessary technology usage can be extremely isolating. Normal, regular visits have become scarce due to new COVID-19 rules and guidelines for resident safety, and [...]

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