Sleep and Dementia: 5 Tips for Helping Seniors Get Better Rest in Memory Care

How Dementia Affects Sleep For our senior loved ones with dementia, getting a good night's sleep is more difficult than it ever has been before. Because dementia affects your cognitive function, sleep cycles and the circadian rhythm are often disrupted as dementia affects the brain.  Of course, there are other factors in your senior that [...]

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4 Different Ways That Seniors Can Use Technology to Connect to Loved Ones

In the era of COVID-19, everyone has had to quickly adapt to using technology in ways that we never thought we would have before. For our seniors, though, this uptick in necessary technology usage can be extremely isolating. Normal, regular visits have become scarce due to new COVID-19 rules and guidelines for resident safety, and [...]

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How to Help Friends and Family Understand an Alzheimer’s Diagnosis

When a senior loved one starts showing symptoms of having Alzheimer's disease, it can be a difficult decision on how, when, or even if you're planning to tell friends and family. However, more often than not, it's the best course of action to tell everyone so that they're prepared. From more glaringly obvious symptoms like [...]

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Memory Care Services and the Difference It Makes for Seniors with Dementia

For seniors and loved ones of seniors with a failing memory, the first signs and symptoms of diseases like Alzheimer's and dementia can be jarring. The first forgotten appointment, lost memory, or trouble with remembering your name is alarming and scary.  Experiencing memory loss with a loved one is hard, and you may be at [...]

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